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As I joined the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu, back in 2001, learning values such as discipline, resilience and commitment, I started to pave a pathway of many experiences, not only as an athlete but as well as a coach. In the year of 2008, I got promoted to the black belt where following the trends of modernization of the sport, I searched for being able to hand on the most updated teachings of the gentle art. By having experiences in countries such as the United States, Arab Emirates, Japan and European continent, I could carry the knowledge and culture of different places, however believing that Jiu-Jitsu makes us similar.
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Poznan Open: After Three Silvers, Samuel Wins the No-Gi Open Class
An unusual day in the Polish city of Poznan, with four medals in dispute involving Gi and No-Gi weight and open class, Samuel attended the Poznan International Open.
Starting with the only fight in the lightweight, Samuel got surprised by Krzystof Suchorabski (Gracie Barra), who applied a strong Estima-lock, enough to hurt his ankle already in the first fight of the event. Willing to make worth the travelled distance, joined the open class and winning the first challenge by points against Marek Zbrog (Gracie Barra), found himself facing Krzystof in the open class final. Even paying more attention on the attacks of the dangerous Polish, had no success losing by 7-2.
Time to take off the Gi and put the rash guard on, all of these in the same day. At this time, the lightweight had more contenders, Samuel started by winning the excellent Ashley Williams (Gracie Barra) by referees’ decision, finding once again Krzystof in the final. Knowing the opponent’s qualities, and having no kimono grips, Samuel was caught in another foot lock, not avoiding the third loss for the Polish.
Seems hard to imagine, but in the fourth attempt of the day, Samuel finally achieved his gold medal. In the No-Gi open class, was able to neutralize the good guard of Lukasz Niejodek (Gracie Barra) winning by points and making his way to the final. In the grand final faced Marek Zbrog (Gracie Barra), where after scoring points, was able to increase the pace and apply a tight Kimura from the top half guard.

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